Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TMI Tuesday #207

Questions found here: http://tmituesday.blogspot.com/

This week's questions:

1. What is your underwear "style" of choce? See profile pic.

2. How old were you when you had your first sexual experience? 13 (if we're counting anything remotely sexual, as opposed to actual sex)

3. What about a potential partner turns you on? Taking charge.

4. Have you ever played a game which may require you or others to disrobe? Nope. Another one for the to-do list!

5. Given or received finger scratch marks during sexual activity? Both. Grrrrrrrrrrowwwwl.

Bonus: How many times is the most you have ever had sex in a 24 hour period? 5


  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as TMI Tuesday until today.

    I love Blogger!


  2. FGS Lifechick...your to "do list" is getting longer than my "honey do this" list

  3. Remotely sexual does kissing count in that?

    Kate xxx

  4. lmao,
    life chick,
    you know us ole people ain't tellin, bu you go ahead on, this is too good.

  5. see profile pic, ha! nice :)

  6. award for you athttp://plainolebob2.blogspot.com/

  7. Guys, sorry, I fell off the blogger cliff or something this week, and am trying to catch up. Thanks everyone for reading, and for your patience!

    Jenna, welcome. I didn't know about it either, at first, which made it funny when I wondered why everyone was asking the same questions of themselves on Tuesdays!

    FGS, don't I know it. I never realized what a sheltered life I've led until joining the blogosphere last month!

    Kate, if kissing counts, I change my answer to 11. If the question is asking about actual intercourse, though, I have to make my answer a lot higher. I was a good girl!

    Bob, it's easy enough to tell, since I'm not using my actual name. I would be a lot less forthcoming otherwise!

    P.S. Thank you for my award! I am honored, because it's you doing the giving. And I will get to posting that ASAP!

    Calvin, you know what they say about great minds!

    Welcome the eternal list!

    Ellie, like I told Bob, it's easy to be honest when nobody who knows me knows about this blog. I tend to think my answers would be more sanitized if they did!