Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I have been in some kind of writing coma this month. Consequently, I didn't get to posting this right away. I would like to thank two fabulous bloggers: Bob, for giving me the Kreative Blogger Award, and Kate, for recognizing this blog at her site with an honourable mention ("u" intended).

Bob's blog is one of the best and funniest, so to be acknowledged by him is truly an honor. Thanks Bob!

Kate's blog is Secret Office Confessions . This hilarious recounting of the day-to-day hijinx of her workplace is a must-read. Warning: read, and you'll be hooked.

I am following these guidelines for accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who gave the award.

2. Copy the award and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the blog that nominated you.

4. Tell your fellow bloggers 7 things they may not know about you.

5. Pass it on.

I have chosen to pass this award on to an intriguing new blog, The Monique Danger Chronicles . It's a well-written and entertaining look at an LA girl's dating adventures (and misadventures). I expect this one to catch on with the blogosphere pretty quickly.

And finally, the 7 things you didn't know about me bit:

1. I've never tried an illegal drug of any kind.

2. I dislike shopping malls.

3. I am equally happy living beyond, within, or beneath my means.

4. I am not a worrywart.

5. When I wake up in the morning, I prefer to not know what I'm going to do that day.

6. I generally like bad weather. It has more personality.

7. I've censored the #7 thing you don't know about me due to inappropriate content.


  1. I love your #7!! I think we all have one of those, but few people are willing to admit it, and leave it open to the imagination!

  2. lol, glad to see you back, you musta had the ole bob disease, sleepanitus

  3. You are very funny!


  4. Good to see you back! You've been missed

    Kate x

  5. welcome! Thank you! Im glad to hear you haent done any drugs...kudos... me too..

  6. Melissa, in keeping #7 secret, everyone can think it's more exciting than it probably is!

    Bob, I have that often, I'm afraid. It all started when I got into junior high, and discovered a thing called "Study Hall". Somehow my brain translated that as "Nap Time"!

    Secretia, thank you - usually only I think so!

    Thanks Kate. It's good to be back!

    Trey, kudos yourself! For me, it's probably because I can already make a perfectly good fool of myself with no hallucinogenic assistance. So I might as well save my money, health, and unpleasant legal entanglements!

    Dayne, thank you!

  7. Censoring due to inappropriate content, hell, this is the place for inappropriate. If not here, then where? :)

    - no illegal drugs?!? Okkkk, well good for you darling. I do like that you dislike malls and wake up to enjoy an unplanned day. Too many people are scheduled on overload and can't slow down.

  8. Hmmm. Too busy for us now? We're busy, too, and we're able to post. Criminy.


  9. C, you know how you get bored with a girl, then just start ignoring her? I'm like that, just with everything.