Monday, October 12, 2009

In a Pickle

This entry was inspired by the end of this post by FGS. It got me thinking about times I witnessed someone doing something unintentionally sensual, and times that someone was me. Have you ever witnessed (or perpetrated) something inadvertently sexual?

Once, not wanting to bother with dinner at home, I grabbed a bite to eat after work. I was sitting at the bar (which generally ensures the quickest service), and noticed a man occasionally looking over at me. After a long day of work, I wasn't feeling especially attractive, so I didn't at all think it was anything to do with showing interest.

He was within earshot, so after the fourth or fifth time I noticed him looking, I finally had to ask. "What?" He looked startled to actually be called on it, and seemed to consider his words for a moment.

He must've (accurately) decided I appeared more curious than annoyed. I seriously wondered if I had food stuck to my face, or some similarly embarrassing thing. He then said, very slowly, "Do you have... ANY ... idea ... how you look eating that pickle?"

No, actually, I did not! I must've gone three shades of red upon realizing that I hadn't been eating the pickle at all, just kind of absentmindedly sucking the juice out of it while awaiting my entree. He smiled sheepishly and said something like, "well, you asked."

Needless to say, I am exceedingly careful around pickles these days!


  1. hahahahaha - that's fantastic!!

  2. Guys are always on the lookout for symbolism as it relates to any form of sex act. A woman's open mouth is one of the strongest magnets for a man's eyes.

    We like it like that!

    Secretia (Secret Story Time)

  3. now ...if you catch the guy with a him on it!

  4. Oh..oh...lifechick...was that really you eating that pickle like that?...hahaha

  5. *laughs* I would have been as oblivious as you were at that moment. Definitely makes you think twice about your actions in public!

  6. I can't stop thinking about how those lollipops look like big sperms swimming around. I sort of attract big sperms like that. ha ha.


  7. Ha ha love it! I have been told off for caressing a glass in a sexual manner apparently but at least I knew the people who told me that!

  8. WOW... no, unfortunately I have never had that happen to me, nor have I thought about that.

    But thanks to you and FG apparently, I will be! :)

    HMMMM... I wonder?

  9. Haha, this was an awesome entry, I must admit. Good thing you're watching how you eat (or suck) those pickles lol.
    And yes, I swear I'm only 21!

  10. This is one of the best posts I've read in a while. It really gave me a laugh and I needed that. :)

  11. Wow... sooo much to say on this, but I'll just keep it to myself ;-).

    Great post!


  12. Sorry guys for the late response. I think I may have been semi-comatose the last few weeks, if such a thing is possible. I'm only just coming out of it now!

    Melissa, thanks - I have *so* much catching up to do in your neck of the woods! I know I saw something about Darcy in one of your blog titles. I'm so there!

    Secretia, as much as my mind can go in the gutter, in this case I didn't at all notice that until you mentioned it. I needed to take a picture for the post, but just didn't have a pickle on hand. The other thing I referred here to was FGS' post about lollipops!

    Trey, funny, I probably would!

    FGS, ha, well had I known it was you we would've talked more!

    Gray, I know, I am so much more cautious about certain things now.

    Kate, too funny - that's the other thing I've been called on (except, it was a bottle rather than a glass).

    Elle, sorry if I made you self-conscious about any future experiences with pickles. Unless, of course, you want the guy looking!

    Hey Courtenay, yes I'm being good now. At least, in this particular situation...

    EY, I'm glad my embarrassment could serve a useful purpose!

    Dayne, that's probably for the best, what with this being a G-rated blog. Oh wait, that's not this blog, is it? Nevermind. ;)

  13. I lick icecream of a spoon really slowly, before thrusting the entire utensil into my mouth.
    Apparently it's worse when I do it with vanilla icecream.

  14. Did he wince when you finally bit into it?

  15. YMMD, ha, I can imagine! It sounds like you've perfected the technique and everything!

    TT, hmm, I don't remember if I ever bit it. Now, of course, if I could go back. I *would* bite it, just to see.

    Ahh, hindsight!